Class leading WebTIS

Nabari's WebTIS is the most advanced and customisable online UK Rail retail system backed by a cutting edge API.

Fully accredited by ATOC, Nabari's WebTIS is designed for affiliates from the start.

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Package Rail Tickets (ITX)

ITX (Package) UK Rail tickets are substantially discounted tickets which can be sold only as part of a package deal. If you have a product that your customers would purchase as part of a travel package then you need ITX tickets to increase your current profit margin.

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Affiliates & White Labels

As an affiliate of other rail retailers you are limited to a white label and you see your customers leave your site to go to the rail supplier's white site. Nabari has the answer.

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Custom rail retail websites

Do you have a great product that you could bundle with rail tickets? But don't have the expertise to do it yourself? Nabari can customise its retail system to include your products for you and provide you anything from a drop in component for your Website to a complete bespoke site.

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How is Nabari?

Nabari was launched in 2014 as a spin off from an Internet application development company, Hazardous Frog. Where Hazardous Frog specialise in building technology for their clients, Nabari's remit is to hold and manage that technology and provide it as a service to its customers and clients.

Nabari's workforce consist of developers who created the systems we now operate and experience managers who have operated in the rail arena for many years.

Nabri is primarily a technology supplier to other retail businesses. However, we also use our own systems to retail to the public in a number of niche markets. Only by building our own websites do we gain inspiration for innovations and improvements to our systems. Improvements what are always made available to our partners immediately.


  • Retail rail tickets
  • ITX rail tickets
  • Rail & Hotel Packages
  • Affiliate Program
  • White Labels



  • Bespoke Travel Sites
  • Mobile Travel Apps
  • Rail consultancy

Work with Nabari

Partnering with Nabari provides you with inside access to the UK rail retail systems without the need for £1 million plus investment or the expert knowledge necessary to operate in this arena.

Nabari's business model is centered around its partners. Other suppliers focus on their own websites and provide white labels or API access as an afterthought. Their systems are limiting and hard to customise for your specific needs. They direct YOUR customers to THEIR retail sites!

Nabari is different. Our partners come first. Nabari's goal is to provide you with the tools to keep your customers on your site through the entire process.